Maymester 2017: Serve and Learn in Nanjing, China

STEM Education Service Learning in Nanjing, China study abroad – STEM service learning in a global context. With the Jiangsu Second Normal University (JSSNU) in Nanjing, China, we will offer a suite of courses in which undergraduate and graduate students will learn to work in meaningful and personally relevant service activities while building and strengthening their relationship with a K-12 rural school and community near Nanjing, China, Jiangsu Province.

Things you will learn and do in the 2017 program:

  • Contribute to a service project that meets the expressed needs of teachers in a rural school in the Jiangsu Province
  • Learn how to plan and implement culturally-relevant STEM lessons, integraCng concepts of science, mathemaCcs, and engineering design for K-12 classroom instrucCon
  • Build knowledge of the nature of STEM teaching and learning in China
  • Get to know students and teachers in a Chinese elementary classroom
  • Work side-by-side with teachers from a rural school in China and
  • JSSNU faculty or staff to adapt STEM lessons for the rural teachers’ classrooms
  • Engage Chinese students with interacCve STEM acCviCes targeCng fundamental concepts of science, mathemaCcs, and engineering design
  • Learn about Chinese culture, Nanjing’s place in the history of China, and the nature of the Chinese language
  • Enhance your intercultural knowledge and appreciaCon of different cultures, ideas, tradiCons, and perspecCves

Dates: May 15 to June 11, 2017.

Estimated cost: (tuition and fees, hotel, meals, local transportation, not including flight) – $4750


Dr. David Sederberg, Department of Physics and Astronomy;

Dr. Lynn Bryan, Departments of Curriculum and InstrucCon, and Physics and Astronomy;

Download Flyer: sa-china-flyer_r